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About Pirmann Family Chiropractic

After earning his Doctor of Chiropractic from Southern California University of Health Sciences (formally, Los Angeles College of Chiropractic) in 2000, Dr. Joel Pirmann set up practice in beautiful Irvine. He has been passionate about improving patients’ quality of life with natural chiropractic care. Instead of providing a quick fix, Dr. Pirmann wants his patients to understand the value of making chiropractic care a crucial element in their wellness repertoire.

Providing Patient Education

Some chiropractic offices get you adjusted and send you on your way. Here, we like to continually educate our patients about the benefits of chiropractic and how it can contribute to a higher quality of life through the aging process. Our goal is to get people to take care of their bodies and their spine, exercise and stay in shape through the aging process, so they have mobility and flexibility to enjoy their favorite activities in retirement.

Taking the Time to Listen & Care

If you’ve been to other chiropractic offices before where you just felt like a number or collection of symptoms, that’s not the case at Pirmann Family Chiropractic. At our office, we will listen to you and seek to get to the root cause of your concern. It’s important that everyone feels comfortable and is heard here.

Patients care about professionalism and they strive for that at Pirmann Family Chiropractic. He has a genuine concern for each patient and always has their best interest in mind.

My job is helping people understand why they feel what they feel and what to do about it.


Some Patient Success Stories

Every day, we are privileged to help patients of all ages and stages. Some of our best testimonies are found in our Yelp reviews however, here are some patients who we were able to assist: (names have been changed to protect privacy)

“Justin” had been in a car accident and came in seeking our help. He was going downhill, and a vehicle turned in front of him; he slammed on the brake with his right foot with a tremendous force. When he did, he created a disc herniation in his lower back. It measured 8 millimeters posterior that was confirmed on MRI. We reduced that disc herniation completely through regular massage and chiropractic care and he no longer needed surgery which had been suggested. Great news!

“Kevin” walked in our office at age 28 using crutches due to severe mid to lower back pain which was limiting him in all of his normal daily activities. After receiving just one adjustment he walked out with the crutches in his hands.

“Diana” came to our office as a last resort. Her upper body was in so much spasm that it had “translated,” so it literally shifted to the left above her lower body. She had been to her primary care physician, a physical therapist and had been referred to an orthopedic spine specialist for a surgical consultation. After receiving just 4 treatments, her “translation” was back to normal and her pain levels were down 80%. She now receives a regular monthly massage and adjustment and has not had that issue again in the past 6 years and counting.

Frequently we see patients that have suffered from severe headaches or migraines for years. We know that 90% of all headaches stem from restriction and muscle tightening in the neck. Suggested treatment is massage followed by an adjustment on a weekly basis. Most patients see 75-100% relief in just a month or two. We then recommend they maintain a monthly schedule to remain headache and migraine free in the future.

These are just a sample of some of the results we’ve attained over the past 2o years.

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