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New Patients at Pirmann Family Chiropractic

Welcome to Pirmann Family Chiropractic! We’ve made our new patient process as seamless as possible. To save time, you can download your new patient paperwork from our website and complete it. If you elect to fill out the forms in the office, please arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment. We also ask that you bring in any imaging, such as an MRI report or X-rays, that have been taken elsewhere.

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing to your appointment.

Your visit will either include an exam, adjustment, X-rays, or an exam, adjustment, X-rays, and massage. At the end of the new patient visit, you’ll check out with Jennifer, who will schedule you for a report of findings to come back in.

Your first visit will take 30-45 minutes or less when paperwork is completed.

If you receive a massage, please allow up to an hour.

During this report of findings visit, Dr. Pirmann will go over his report of findings that will include your exam results, X-ray findings and what the massage therapist found. He also wants to determine how you responded to your care on the first visit. Based on Dr. Pirmann’s findings, he will provide his recommendations. There is no charge for the report of findings.

Jennifer will then discuss financials with you at the front desk. We’re pleased to let patients know that we’ve kept our same low rates for adjustments since we opened our practice in 2000.

Please allow 15-30 minutes for this second visit, depending on how many questions you have for Dr. Pirmann.

As no two patients are alike, no two care plans are either. We’ll provide the care you need to address your condition. Some patients require a lot of work and so will need to come in more frequently than others who may not need as much care.

We’ll let you know what the costs are for care, and let you decide if you want to follow our recommendations. It’s always your choice as to how much care you want to receive. There’s never any pressure here.

More Than a Quick Fix

While some people feel fantastic after one adjustment, we like to communicate the value of regular care. We believe that to be better in the long run, it’s important to make changes, such as adopting healthy lifestyle habits, including chiropractic care.

Insurance & Family Plans

We accept Medicare and Care Credit. Affordable family plans are also available. All major credit cards are accepted. Please be aware that there’s a 3.7%% fee charged to the credit card holder. You can also pay with cash or check. Patients can also use their health savings account to pay for care.

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