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Meet the Team at Pirmann Family Chiropractic

Jennifer Pirmann | Practice Manager

Jennifer at front desk“My Chiropractic journey began a long time ago. I was in a terrible accident and was hit head on by a drunk driver. My head took out the windshield of a Volkswagen bus. I suffered head trauma and dealt with headaches for years. Chiropractic Care was the only thing that could get rid of my pain and suffering.”

“Before meeting my husband, Dr. Pirmann, I was diagnosed with bursitis in my hip and continued to suffer with the occasional headache and would often take an Advil to go to bed at night. After meeting my husband I began to learn more about how the body can heal itself. I also realized I needed to correct the normal structure of my spine. As I continued with regular Chiropractic Care, my headaches went away completely, my hip pain dissipated as it was a result of tight muscles (not bursitis, as my medical doctor had told me) and I have discontinued any and all types of prescription and non-prescription medication and I now fully understand the dangers of all medications and know that the drugs don’t work anyway. My health is the best it has ever been and I feel great every single day.”

Note from Dr. Pirmann: Jennifer is the reason my practice is so successful. She is the “Mom” in our Mom and Pop small business. Her attention and care for all of our patients is unequalled. She and I pray over all of our patients every night and truly care that they all can enjoy optimal health in their lifetime. Jennifer came into this practice with 16 years of business management experience and took over. She learned the insurance from scratch and could now teach most insurance seminars, including Medicare! She has always kept the patients first and has made sure each patient fully understands what is expected before they ever begin care in our office. My best asset in my practice and my life is my wife, Jennifer.

Irvine Massage Therapist, Leasa

Massage Therapist, Leasa

Leasa, Massage Therapist

Leasa has been with Pirmann Chiropractic since 2012. She has worked hand in hand with Dr.’s in the office to identify trigger points, tender spots, adhesions, and scar tissue to better evaluate why patients feel what they feel. This hands on approach to diagnosis allows the doctors to better assess our patients and it allows the therapist to better treat. The cohesive relationship between the therapists and the doctors, helping to improve the overall health of the individual, is why patients have been returning to our office for over 15 years.

Here is Leasa’s story:

“I became a Certified Massage Therapist in 2009 after considering it for many years. I had worked on friends and family growing up and had always been told I should do massage therapy for a living. So…I left the corporate world behind and decided to do what I love. Through massage therapy I have been helping people live a more active life out of pain, which is why I do this.”

We are confident you will love Leasa and her amazing ability to help people through her massage therapy skills!

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