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Nutrition Products available in our office

Nutrition Products available in our office

Natural Medicine and nutrition play a vital role in all of this as well. Without the proper vitamins and minerals, many systems simply won’t function at 100%. Some vital examples of this are the need for omega 3 fatty acids. These we get from fish oil, salmon, avocado and certain nuts such as almonds. Omega 3 fatty acids and triglycerides are metabolized by the central nervous system. Without them our nervous systems are compromised and conditions such as stress, anxiety and insomnia worsen. Even normal cognitive (brain) function is disrupted without proper nutrition. Other examples are calcium and magnesium. Both are vital minerals for bone, heart health and proper muscle function and can even help patients who suffer from migraine headaches.

Proper diet and exercise is literally a panacea for a lot of the World’s ills. Patients who eat a balanced diet, exercise and take an active role in their healthcare have significantly fewer health problems and live longer, more productive lives.

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