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Nutrition in Irvine

Nutritional Counseling

Metagenics logoWe know most individuals have poor diets due to misinformation of lack of basic understandings of fundamental nutrition. For example, most individuals assume bananas are a healthy food. However, bananas are very high in sugar and therefore are considered a high glycemic index food for diabetes patients and should be avoided by those individuals. Most people have some degree of gluten intolerance and breads, rices and pastas are not always the best choices.

Each person is an individual and nutritional programs need be customized per person…that’s the reason not every diet works for every individual. More information is available through our quarterly seminars on this subject. Contact Pirmann Family Chiropractic for the next available seminar to reserve your spot.


Natural Medicine and nutrition play a vital role in all of this as well. Without the proper vitamins and minerals, many systems simply won’t function at 100%. Some vital examples of this are the need for omega 3 fatty acids. These we get from fish oil, salmon, avocado and certain nuts such as almonds. Omega 3 fatty acids and triglycerides are metabolized by the central nervous system. Without them our nervous systems are compromised and conditions such as stress, anxiety and insomnia worsen. Even normal cognitive (brain) function is disrupted without proper nutrition. Other examples are calcium and magnesium. Both are vital minerals for bone, heart health and proper muscle function and can even help patients who suffer from migraine headaches.

Proper diet and exercise is literally a panacea for a lot of the World’s ills. Patients who eat a balanced diet, exercise and take an active role in their healthcare have significantly fewer health problems and live longer, more productive lives.

Blood Work and Saliva Testing

Test is done to assist patients in managing their health issues. Just like a “regular doctor’s office” we check the blood for dysfunctions in the body and have natural alternatives to the dangerous and risky drugs prescribed by the medial community, without the side effects (which are often worse than the original diagnosis!). Saliva testing is done for hormonal disorders mainly for women that are peri-menopausal.

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If you want to stay healthy, we are here to be your information resource. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with our chiropractor in Irvine!

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